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This tutorial is applicable for Easynet version 0.177 or subsequent updates. You can check your installed version by first opening the EasyNet application. Next hold down the right mouse button and go to the pull down menu bar at the top of the screen then go to the Project menu and selecting the About option.
If you haven't already done so, double-click on the Easynet application icon to start Easynet. You will be presented with the main window as shown below:
Easynet Main Window
In the Project menu select the menu option entitled Interface Config.. and the EasyNet Interfaces window will open. Left mouse button click on prism2.device in the network device list which will make it highlight blue as shown below:
Easynet Interface Configuration Window
Easynet should now report the version of the prism2.device currently installed on your computer. It is important to note that the version installed is 2.5 or greater. If you do not have prism2.device installed or an older version, you should download latest prism2.device here and install it to your system.

Ensure that the prism2 network card is installed into your Amiga and is operational. If you click on the Query.. button the MAC address of the network card will be displayed, which confirms that the Amiga is communicating successfully with the network card (click OK to close this window).
Easynet Network Device Query
Click on the Settings.. button to open the Wireless Settings window as shown below:
Easynet Wireless Settings Window
The SSID is the name your wireless router gives to the wireless network to distinguish it from other wireless networks. Click the Scan Wireless Networks.. button and EasyNet will scan the local wireless networks and display them in a list with their signal strength and encryption type:
Easynet Scan Wireless Networks Window
Click with the left mouse button in the list to select the name of your local wireless network. It will be highlighted blue. Click the Select button and the window will close.

For security reasons, most wireless networks have passwords (pass phrases) to stop unauthorised computers connecting. This password should entered into the Key / Passphrase box- it will be case sensitive.
Easynet: Resolutions listview
Click SAVE button to save the wireless settings. EasyNet will take a few seconds to connect to the network with the settings you have entered and then return to the EasyNet Interfaces window.

Click SAVE button to save the prism2.device as the network device to use for this connection.
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